Thank you so much to the many Saint Michael and Sacred Heart parishioners and other Olympia area community members who have contributed so generously with their time, their hearts and their resources to support our Cold Weather Emergency Men’s Shelter with special expansion during the COVID-19 crisis. We moved all of our men to Saint Michael Parish and increased our number from 15-30 to help offset the other unhoused getting pushed out from the local shelters due to social distancing guidelines. We opened a 10-bed women’s shelter at Hallen Hall at Sacred Heart Parish as well. Hygiene Services has served up to 48 people in a 4-hour period for showers, running water, and bathroom use, while maintaining social distance.
 We are so overwhelmed at the love that has been poured forth into this ministry by so many. We thank you for all the homemade masks, the nonperishable food items for outreach to encampments, the clean  donations and sleeping bags, blankets and clothing. Thanks to the Laundry Angels for washing the bedding and our guests’ personal laundry (with the lack of bus service, they would not have anything clean to wear). Thanks to all our chefs and servers who provided healthy warm dinners and sack lunches. Thanks for our donation monitors who received and helped sort the donations. Thanks for our lead hosts and symptom screeners who kept the evening moving along smoothly.We especially would like to give a huge shout-out to the many men and women who sacrificed their own warm beds and good night’s sleep by dedicating 1-2 nights per week during the COVID crisis as overnight hosts. We couldn’t have kept the shelter running as long as we have without your service. Our guests are incredibly grateful.
We can be proud that our Catholic Community has come together in such a loving way to provide a very necessary and essential service during this crisis time. Thank you for being the Hands and Heart of our Dear Lord Jesus here in the Olympia–Lacey area.
The last day of our Cold Weather Men and Women’s Shelters will be Saturday, May 2.  We will restart our regular season on November 1, 2020.

Our Men’s Shelter process:

We are currently implementing safety measures:  creating social distance during meals and sleeping, screening hosts and our guests for fever and symptoms BEFORE they enter our shelter, as this video shows:

May we not live in fear and know that our
good God protects us and walks with us.

Kim Kondrat
Kim KondratSteward for Community Outreach
Text or call (360) 878-4613 or e-mail!
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The Roles & Responsibilities sheet explains the different needs in operating the Men’s Shelter. Once you decide on the role(s) you’re best able to fill, simply click the signup button above and put your name in the block by the role(s) and time(s) you’d like to help. Kim asks that everyone who signs up please text her your contact info!

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