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What are Small Groups?

SFSC groupSmall Groups meet in homes, at the parish or other locations with 8 – 12 parishioners in a more intimate environment to pray and share together, making a large parish feel more like a family. Choose a group from those listed here, or form a group of your own with friends.  We supply the materials, training, and format.  

Small Groups meet to:Buthorn group
  • Deepen your understanding of Sunday Scripture
  • Gain wisdom and hear a reflection from Fr. Jim and members of the parish staff
  • Share prayer petitions, insights and “God sightings” in a confidential setting
  • Meet other parishioners and share life and faith experiences
  • Deepen your own faith/life connection in a supportive environment

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A message from Fr. Jim on Small Groups:
What others are saying!

Not only am I new to St Michael’s Church, I am new to Catholicism. The small group was the perfect environment to meet some Catholics who were willing to answer my “Why do Catholics do it this way?” type questions. Not only that, but the leader of the group has agreed to be a mentor to me so that I can make an informed decision about converting to Catholicism. The entire experience has been a blessing.” – Jason

“Every single group member seems to be instrumental in my spiritual growth during this Lent.”

“I live alone and find my group helps feed my spirit with compassion, prayer, and good food together. We discuss Bible readings.”

“Our group is so encouraging and supportive and a great group of believers. I look forward to it weekly.”

“The closeness of our group allows us to share burdens and pray together for each other.”

“I can’t emphasize enough how directly and lovingly everyone in my group cares and prays for me and each member of our group.”

“It’s great to listen to others talk about their faith and to see how much Jesus moves in them. It makes you want to find different ways to draw closer to Jesus in your own life.”

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