Last Sunday evening at 5 pm Mass, we celebrated the sacrament of Confirmation with over 50 of our youth and 10 adults. It was a joyous and beautiful celebration with Abbot Neal Roth from St. Martin’s Abbey confirming on behalf of Archbishop Sartain who is still slowly recovering from extensive back surgery last summer.

A few days later I was having dinner with a family whose son had received confirmation on Sunday. I asked him, “Are you filled with the Holy Spirit?”

I think he was a bit unnerved by my question and he answered, “Well, sort of, but slowly, you know, a bit at a time.” Then everyone else there reassured him that the power of the Holy Spirit unfolds in one’s life as one lives one’s faith.

What about us? Are we convinced that we are filled with the Holy Spirit in and through baptism and confirmation? Do we believe that we are empowered by the Holy Spirit, as Luke tells us in our first reading in order to fulfill the Great Commission of Jesus that we heard in the Gospel, “Go, make disciples?” Think about that for a minute.

I know that every analogy limps, but maybe this might be helpful for that teen and for us when it comes to the action of the Holy Spirit in our lives and living out the Great Commission.

I suspect that most of us from time to time when using our devices suddenly get what I call the “red battery alert” when our phones or tablets only have 2% of battery power left and we are about to be cast into the pit of darkness!

That’s when we have to pull out our chargers and “plug into” the source and recharge.

It is a precept of the Church, as well as the third Commandment, to make all Sundays sacred, to come to Mass so that we might be renewed and recharged by the Word of God, by receiving Holy Communion, by the presence of community and the guidance of the priest and then sent forth into the world to live and proclaim the good news of the risen and ascended Jesus Christ.

This is at the heart of our Faithraising Campaign.  All that we are focused on doing that is described in this brochure, is meant to facilitate ministry so that we can be better equipped to meet the challenge of our baptismal call and the command of Jesus to pass on our faith, to share the light of Christ in our world.

It is a privilege for me to invite Terezia Marlow to share her witness for our Faithrasing Campaign. Before she does that, I ask the folks at the ends of the pews to take one of these Stewardship pamphlets and then pass them to your neighbor.

Please open it up and on the left hand side is a prayer. Let us pray that together in preparation to opening our hearts and minds to listen to the witness that Terezia wants to share with us.



Thank you so much Terezia. What a powerful witness of faith.

Please take this pamphlet home with you. Use it in your discernment process of how the Lord is calling you to sacrifice for the Faithraising Campaign. Follow the four step process on the inside, praying daily that you might be guided and empowered by the Holy Spirit as you make your decision.

If you were not here last week, please sign up after Mass for our complimentary Celebration Dinners Friday or Saturday, June 16 or 17. Every parishioner is invited! If you have any questions, stop by the tables and folks will assist you, or ask me as well. If you did not receive a copy of the Faithraising brochure, they are also available after Mass.