The statue is 27″ tall and made of china, and therefore needs a special place so that it does not get chipped or broken. The primary purpose of the statue home visitation is to aid families in responding to the requests made by the Blessed Mary during her apparitions at Fatima. The essence of her requests is threefold: return to God; make reparation for sins; and pray the rosary for peace.

The commitment required of those families desiring to welcome Mary into their homes is also threefold: make a special effort to avoid sin during her presence, perform some form of penance or sacrifice during the week of her visit in reparation for sin, pray the rosary as a family in the presence of her statue each day, or at least whatever part of a rosary can be accomplished.

Anyone interested in hosting the statue may contact Kathy Arnold at or (360) 870-5901 or Bene Reece at (360) 292-7143.