Stewardship of Treasure

Saint Michael is a Stewardship Parish, based on the understanding that all that we have and all that we are is a gift from God – our time, our talent, our money and even the gift of life itself. We show our gratitude for these gifts by returning a portion of them back to God.

When we consider our participation in stewardship, we need to include our time and talent, as well as our treasure. As with our Sacrificial Giving, giving time and talent express our gratitude to the God who has given us these gifts.
Our gifts of time and talent do not substitute for the gifts of our financial resources (Sacrificial Giving). Nor do our gifts of treasure substitute for our gifts of time and talent. All are gifts from God. Consider the guideline of committing five hours per week to St. Michael Parish or other church ministries and activities, community work and/or other kinds of social service. We can give more or less than this guide depending on our situation.
Stewardship is everything we do after we say we believe.” – John Westerhoff

Sacrificial Giving is:

  • Planned, a careful, intentional response to God’s generosity;
The decision to give is just that—a decision. It requires thought and time, so that it is integrated with other financial decisions as part of a careful, intentional response to God’s generosity.
  • Proportionate, ensuring that we give the “first fruits”, given first, not only after other obligations have been satisfied.
Our giving should be proportionate or commensurate to what God has given us. Most people use the biblical concept of the tithe, a tenth, as a guide. In any case, our gift should reflect our level of gratefulness to God.
  • Sacrificial, coming from our substance rather than our abundance–acting on our belief that our security lies in God.
Our proportionate gift becomes sacrificial when it comes from our substance rather than our abundance. When we give out of our substance, we are changed in the process. We have given away something we thought we needed for ourselves, thus changing our lifestyle. We have acted on our belief that our security lies not in our material resources but in God.

Dave Ramsey has a short video on the essentials of Stewardship that really nails the point!

Stewardship of Time

The life of a Christian must begin with a foundation of prayer!

There is a temptation which perennially besets every spiritual journey and pastoral work: that of thinking that the results depend on our ability to act and to plan. God of course asks us really to cooperate with his grace, and therefore invites us to invest all our resources of intelligence and energy in serving the cause of the Kingdom. But it is fatal to forget that ‘without Christ we can do nothing’ (Jn. 15:5). It is prayer which roots us in this truth. It constantly reminds us of the primacy of Christ and, in union with him, the primacy of the interior life and of holiness.” – St. John Paul II

Father Jim has consistently asked that we pledge to devote five minutes to prayer each morning and five minutes each night.

Stewardship of Talent

As Bp. Robert Barron, founder of Word on Fire ministries and producer of the highly lauded Catholicism series, constantly says, “Your life is not about you.”

Our Christian faith requires that we serve others in love. That commitment should be visibly demonstrated in the parish context and every member of Saint Michael Parish is expected to serve in a ministry. We ask members to choose Just One of the dozens of available ministries annually and serve for a year. The following year, members can continue in that ministry or choose another.

To volunteer for a ministry, simply look through our Just One Time & Talent Catalog.

Any questions? Please contact Rex Yabut, Steward for Time, Talent & Treasure at (360) 292-7115 or