It’s as simple as H-O-S-T:

This Lent, the Scriptures will reveal how Jesus enlightened his small group. And, he can enlighten yours too! Small Groups will gather for six weeks in Lent to share God sightings, reflect on the Sunday Scripture with Lectio Divina, watch a video reflection and share fellowship, laughs and prayer. Consider being a facilitator! 

H – Have a heart for your faith community.

O – Open your home for six weeks with a caring, warm atmosphere.

S – Serve your group by facilitating. Format, materials and training provided.

T – Tell a few friends, pew mates, or a new parishioner about your group.

Choose the day, time and location and invite them to join. Or we can plug members into your group.


Jan. 16–24: Facilitator registration

Jan. 30 – Feb. 7: Member registration

Feb. 15: Lenten Small Groups start

New facilitator training date to be determined


Michaela Moreau at (360) 292-7104 or

Sign Up as a Facilitator