Shoulder to Shoulder

Are you facing a financial emergency with nowhere else to turn? If so, consider filing an application. Through their generosity, your church family is here for you.

Shoulder to Shoulder is an SMP ministry where parishioners who find themselves in a financial crisis can get assistance to get back on firm footing. We are blessed to be a family of families who truly care about one another. Shoulder to Shoulder is founded on the principles of generosity and anonymity – the generosity of parishioners and total anonymity for those seeking financial assistance.

Many applicants who find themselves in a financial crisis because of a job loss, medical emergency, or unexpected bill tell us that they have exhausted other sources of assistance and are embarrassed to ask for help from their church family. They are overwhelmed and humbled by the kindness shown them.

Applicants simply fill out an application which is scrubbed of identifying information and then reviewed by a panel of parishioners who, in turn, make a funding recommendation to Fr. Jim. If approved, the check is written directly to the service provider – the dentist, the car repair shop, etc. Parishioners are comforted by the fact that their personal information will be anonymous and held in strict confidence.

To be eligible, you must be:

  • A registered parishioner
  • A “partner in the mission” (attend Mass weekly, committed to spiritual growth, contribute financially to the parish, and have a sacrificial giving pledge card on file)

Questions about applying for Shoulder to Shoulder help? Call Chris Peterson, Parish Administrator at (360) 292-7116.