Our Men’s Shelter still needs volunteers! Without overnight hosts, we will have to close the shelter and our 30 guest will be back out on the streets during this COVID-19 crisis. Any support that you give for the shelter is considered essential travel—we will have a letter to give you. We are in desperate need! Can you help?

Thank you for joining us in prayer for the safety and protection of our brothers and sisters, here in Thurston County and throughout the world. With all the closures throughout the county, we have decided to continue our Men’s Shelter during this crisis. The resources of basic hygiene are diminishing and we cannot close our doors to some of our most vulnerable members of our community. That being said, many of our overnight hosts from SMP and Sacred Heart are in the high-risk category or live with someone in the high-risk category and are encouraged to isolate and are now unable to host.

If you are not in the high-risk category, would you consider helping us to host and stay overnight?  We are at risk of burning out our current hosts during this crisis. Even having a few welcoming hosts that stay a couple of hours while everyone gets settled would be helpful. Also, if you would like to help by providing a meal that would be great! We are just asking our chefs to drop off food and the hosts will serve to reduce exposure.

We are currently implementing safety measures:  creating social distance during meals and sleeping, screening hosts and our guests for fever and symptoms BEFORE they enter our shelter, as this video shows:

May we not live in fear and know that our
good God protects us and walks with us.

Kim Kondrat
Kim KondratSteward for Community Outreach
Text or call (360) 878-4613 or e-mail!
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Men’s Shelter Roles & Responsibilities
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The Roles & Responsibilities sheet explains the different needs in operating the Men’s Shelter. Once you decide on the role(s) you’re best able to fill, simply click the signup button above and put your name in the block by the role(s) and time(s) you’d like to help. Kim asks that everyone who signs up please text her your contact info!

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