COVID-19 Updates

Update as of 10/26/20

  1. We are no longer distinguishes between Sanctuary and Gathering Space seating on our online registration for Sunday Masses (this includes Sat 5 pm). We will seat parishioners in the church first and then the Gathering Space.  
  2. Starting Monday, November 2, the Gathering Space will be closed to general use due to the hosting of the homeless shelter. This restriction does not include the Pier Giorgio room, Room 1 and 2. 
  3. To access the Pier Giorgio Room, Room 1 and 2, please use Gathering Space door next to the Saint Joseph Chapel to enter and exit. When using these rooms for ministry or meeting, please direct people to use the restrooms in the Parish Center. 
  4. During the Homeless Shelter season the Sacrament of Reconciliation will take place in room 1 & 2. People will enter and exit from the Saint Joseph side. Signs and directions will be provided in the space to guide people.
  5. Available seating for weekend Masses maybe adjusted during the shelter season, but as of today it remains 190 total.
  6. Ministry gatherings on campus are limited to 10 people or less. Social distancing is required as well as wearing a mask. The following are the new occupancy limits for our meeting rooms. Please respect the limits.
    • Room 1 – 8 people
    • Room 2 – 8 people
    • Room 3 – Closed until further notice (will be used for shelter)
    • Room 4 – Closed until further notice (being used as temporary storage)
    • Room 6 – 4 people
    • Room 7 – 6 people
    • Room 8 – 6 people
    • Room 9 – 6 people
    • Pier Giorgio Room – 10 people (This may increase soon)
    • Atrium Level 1 (room 106) – 7 people
    • Atrium Level 2 (room 105) – 5 people
    • Atrium Level 3 (room 102) – 4 people\
    • Life Teen room (room 117) – 10 people (Please direct request to use the room to Brandon Jones or Jackie Shirley) 
    • Multipurpose Room (room 129) – 10 people (Not available for parish ministries until 7 pm Monday–Friday)
  1. When using rooms for meetings, ministry gatherings, or eating lunch, staff/lead volunteers will be required to wipe down tables/counters after each use. Cleaning supplies are available in each room. 
  2. The meeting spaces are set up in a way to maintain social distancing when everyone is seated. Please do not move chairs or tables in the rooms. When using rooms 1 & 2 together, you can move the tables and chairs provided the setup maintains the required social distancing and is returned to the original setup after use (note: It may help take a picture before moving things around.  
  3. Tracking attendance is required for all on-campus gatherings. If SMP Connect is not used to take attendance, a physical tracking form will be used.
  4. We are no longer pre-registering for daily Mass. To attend, sign in at the doors of the Gathering Space. Limit for these Masses are 120 persons. 
  5. We are no longer live streaming Saturday morning Mass. 
  6. Pre-registration for Weekend Masses is still required. (Sat 5 pm, Sun 7:30 am, 11:30 am, and 5 pm)
  7. The Adoration Chapel is open to parishioners 24/7. To receive the new code, please contact the parish office 360-754-4667. Signs are posted at the entrance with instructions. Only eight people are allowed in the chapel at any given time. If you are number nine, you will need to wait until someone leaves. Please use hand sanitizer as you enter, sign in, and wipe down your seat as you leave. 
  8. Everyone, staff and parishioners, should pre-screen before coming on campus and to Mass.

The following is a simple screening questionnaire. To pass screening, a person must answer “No” to each of these six questions. A “Yes” to even one question is a failed screening.

In the last 14 days, have you:

  1. Traveled internationally?
  2. Have you been exposed to a person with suspected or confirmed COVID-19 without the correct PPE?
  3. Had a temperature at least 100.0°F?
  4. Had new or increased shortness of breath or difficulty breathing?
  5. Had a new cough?
  6. Had at least two of the following symptoms together: 
    • Chills
    • Muscle pain
    • Headache
    • Sore throat
    • New loss of taste or smell

IMPORTANT:  If you are sick, even if it is not COVID 19, please stay home.

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