What is Exodus 90?

Exodus is an intense 90 day period of prayerfraternity, and aestheticism. You and a group of like-minded men journey together through the book of Exodus, following Moses and the Israelites as they break their chains of slavery. Developed as a seminarian formation tool, Exodus 90 has gained a reputation globally as a focused way to regain freedom from vices that commonly enslave men (like pornography, overeating, overdrinking, addiction to technology, lack of focus or drive, lack of exercise, etc.)
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What to expect.

Over 90 days, you’ll participate in a series of activities focused on daily prayer, dicipline, and connectivity to other men.

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And after 90 days?

Research on the neuroplasticity of the brain shows us that breaking old habits and building new ones is not only possible but attainable for those who do so for 90 days and onward. The ninety days of Exodus are not a finish line, but a starting line. In these ninety days, you’ll purge yourself of sins and vices, clear the junk out of your life, and open up space for something new, something far better. In these ninety days, you’ll make space for your formation to begin—from the man you once were to the man you truly desire to be.

During Exodus 90, you will encounter your identity as a son of the Father. But in order to grow in your confidence in your relationship with God, and to become a man who lives for others, a man who is the spiritual leader of his family, and a man who can boldly proclaim the words of St. Paul, “It is no longer I who live, but it is Christ who lives in me,” takes ongoing practice, accountability, structure, and guidance. This is the work of formation that begins in the Day 91 spiritual exercises that await you after your Exodus.

The road to the life you want to live doesn’t end after these 90 days; it is just the beginning. Welcome to the Exodus Fraternity.