Men: Are you looking for more in life? Do you often find yourself bored, uninterested in life, consumed by technology, distracted? 

Exodus is an intense 90 day period of prayer, fraternity, and aestheticism. You and a group of like-minded brothers journey together through the book of Exodus, following Moses and the Israelites as they break their chains of slavery. Developed as a seminarian formation tool, Exodus 90 has gained a reputation globally as a focused way to regain freedom in the lives of thousands of men. So far this year, 24 men at SMP have journeyed through Exodus 90, afterward sharing quotes like: 

“I knew I needed something to break me out of feeling trapped in everyday life stress…I had no idea that this 90 days would so radically transform my life. My marriage re-awakened, my faith re-ignited, and I feel like I finally have such clarity on what God’s been dreaming up for my life…”

Join other men of the parish on this intense and intimate journey. Learn more at To join a fraternity, contact Rex Yabut at or Andrew Goldstein at