Bible/Book Study

“Your word is a lamp for my feet, a light for my path” – Psalm 119:105

Bible studies look to foster not only the “head-knowledge” of the Bible, but the very intimate “heart-knowledge” that comes from encountering God in His Word, His love letter to us.

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Winter 2023 Bible Studies

God: The Mystery of the Trinity in the Bible

Starting in the Old Testament, the Augustine Institute’s Dr. Elizabeth Klein presents what God says about Himself in salvation history, and how He reveals to Israel that “the Lord is one” (Dt 6:4). Moving to the New Testament, Dr. Klein shows how this one God then reveals Himself as three and answers questions such as: How can God be transcendent and personal? If God is one, how can Jesus be God? What does it mean that God is love (1 Jn 4:8)?

Tuesdays, 7–8:30pm starting January 10 for nine weeks on FORMED via Zoom. No cost. Led by Len Brammeier

Bishop Barron’s Priest, Prophet, King

The better we understand Jesus, the better we understand ourselves. 

Who was Jesus, this itinerant preacher whom many called the Messiah? In Priest, Prophet, King, you’ll discover Jesus as the Anointed One; the ultimate priest, prophet, and king foreshadowed throughout the Hebrew Scriptures. Using biblical insights and engaging stories, Bishop Barron affirms that we see Jesus most clearly through the lens of the Old Testament.

Tuesdays 6:30–8pm starting January 31 for 7 weeks. Cost : $25. Facilitated by John Volk

Matthew Kelly’s The Generosity Habit 

The Generosity Habit is built on a simple and profound principle: give something away every day. It doesn’t need to be money or material things. It could be complimenting a stranger, teaching someone how to do something, spreading a positive message, helping someone who is in a hurry, or simply smiling at someone generously. In fact, the philosophy behind the generosity habit rests on this singular truth: You don’t need money or material possessions to live a life of staggering generosity.

This book is a profound and practical invitation to go beyond the problems plaguing society and become part of the solution. Along the way, you will discover the beauty and nobility of your own humanity.

Sundays, 6–7:30pm starting February 12 via Zoom. Cost:$13. Facilitated by Sue Watcher

The Art of Living

In this new book by bestselling author, Edward Sri, we discover the close connection between growing in the virtues and growing in friendship and community with others. A consummate teacher, Dr. Sri leads us through the virtues with engaging examples and an uncanny ability to anticipate and answer our most pressing questions. Dr. Sri shows us in his inimitable, easy-to-read style, that the virtues are the basic life skills we need to give the best of ourselves to God and to the people in our lives. In short, the practice of the virtues give us the freedom to love.

Wednesdays, 10–11:30am starting January 25 for 6  weeks. Cost:$15. Led by Gail Dickerman and Judy Witt

Wisdom: God’s Vision for Life

Seek wisdom and increase your sense of peace.  Scripture and the Tradition of the Catholic Church provide an abundance of wisdom, though it can often be challenging to apply it to our lives. In this eight-part study, Jeff Cavins and Thomas Smith examine biblical wisdom as it relates to daily life. Drawing on the wisdom literature of the Bible—Proverbs, Wisdom, Sirach, and Ecclesiastes—Wisdom: God’s Vision for Life will teach you how to actively seek sound guidance and increase your sense of peace in navigating life.

In everything from friendships to finances, from making decisions to attaining peace of mind, Scripture offers a vision for happiness and well-being. With this program, you will learn how to gather, gain, and grow in wisdom, and you will experience the joy it brings to your life.

Mondays, 1–2:30pm starting January 30 for 8 weeks. Cost: $25. Facilitated by Marjorie and Michael Sigmon

Parousia: The Bible and the Mass

Where do we find the Mass in the Bible? What is the relationship between the two? In ten beautifully produced lessons, Parousia: The Bible and the Mass answers these questions and more.

In the latest video Bible study from the St. Paul Center, discover why the liturgy is a major theme that runs through the entire Bible, from Genesis to the Book of Revelation. We will not only look to the Law, the Prophets, and the life and teachings of Jesus, we’ll also lean on the Doctors of the Church to enhance our understanding of the Mass. We’ll see how the New Testament is concealed in the Old, the Old is revealed in the New, and how both point directly to the Mass, the sign of the New Covenant.

Thursdays, 6:30–8pm starting February 2 for 11 weeks. Cost: $25. Facilitated by Barb Lowell

Walking toward Eternity: Daring to Walk the Walk

Jeff Cavins offers insights and commentary on what it takes to practice Christian virtues in your daily life. Poignant stories of those who are walking in these virtues are presented to encourage and challenge us to put our faith into practice.

Walking Toward Eternity is an inspiring program designed to help participants live their faith more fully. Through daily prayerful meditation with Scripture (lectio divina), they will be drawn into an intimate and life-changing encounter with Christ.Daring to Walk the Walk, the first series of Walking Toward Eternity, introduces seven key virtues and outlines practical steps for living them out in daily life.

Tuesdays, 6–7:30pm starting January 31 for 8 weeks.  Cost: $20. Facilitated by Christine Barker.

Genesis by Steve Ray

Without Genesis, the rest of the Bible is incomprehensible. Unveiling no less than the creation of the world and everything in it, including human life, as well as the birth of sin and the promise of a Savior, Genesis is packed with fascinating images and layered theological insights that require careful study. In this powerful 28-session study, author Steve Ray and presenter Fr. Kauth will help you uncover what you need to know about this crucial first book of the Bible, including:

  • The theological significance of covenants: what they meant for the ancient Jews, and what they mean for us today
  • What the Binding of Isaac actually signifies, and what Noah’s ark represents
  • How to have a personal relationship with the “God of your fathers” (Exodus 3:15)

Genesis is the first key to unlocking the chest that enables us to understand the Bible as the Universal Church always has. To find the priceless gems inside, we need a good roadmap to learn how the 50 chapters fit together and fit with the rest of the entire Bible. Let Steve Ray and Fr. Kauth guide you on a 1,500+ verse deep-dive into the richly puzzling spiritual depths of Genesis.

Fridays, 10–11:30am starting February 3 for 24 weeks. Cost: $47. Facilitated by Leanne Bergford