Children’s Liturgy of the Word

At Masses during which Children’s Liturgy of the Word  is offered, the celebrant will call the children (grades K-3) forward and give them a blessing. A catechist and helper will lead the children into one or two of our adjacent meeting rooms , where children will read and discuss the same readings as the congregation. The children celebrate the Liturgy of the Word just like the entire congregation, except they get to move and interact in a way appropriate for their age level. After the homily and before the Eucharistic Prayers, the children return to the main worship area and rejoin their families.

While we still cannot offer this ministry due to COVID restrictions, we hope to be able to resume it soon. Please watch the bulletin or this space for new information about Children’s Liturgy of the Word.
Contact: Hannah Hach at (360) 292-7114 or email
Saint Michael Parish children's Liturgy of the Word

Here is what they do. It should look very familiar!