Life Teen is a Catholic high school ministry that uses a thematic approach to present relevant, engaging and timely catechetical content to help teens become disciples.

Ministry at SMP this Fall:

This Fall, Life Teen will focus on “The Year of Eucharist”. To ensure the health and safety of our teens, all in-person gatherings will take place in the context of a small group. Our Core Team will meet with the same teens in their small group for the fall ministry season (Oct.–Dec.). Journeying with the same small group will offer an opportunity for deeper connections with other teens and Core Team members. We plan on having alternating weeks of virtual and in-person small group gatherings. With the twice monthly Zoom gatherings, the Core members will be able to check in with each of their teens and discuss the small group questions. Twice monthly in-person gatherings will allow Core Team members to capitalize on relational ministry and fellowship through prayer and small group team building exercises.

For more information, contact Brandon Jones, Steward for Life Teen, at (360) 292-7108 or

Faith Formation at SMP is full and registration is temporarily closed. Please email to be added to the wait list.

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