Sacramental Preparation Newsletter

Sign Up is Open for Virtual Interviews for Sacramental Prep Readiness

As indicated last week, it is so important that you spend time praying with your child regarding their discernment of receiving the sacraments of First Reconciliation and First Eucharist. After time in prayer, ask them this question: “Do you desire to receive Jesus in the Eucharist?” If their answer is yes then plan to sign up for a virtual interview with me. Click here to sign up for a virtual interview.

Again, I want to thank you for all that you are doing to prepare your child for the sacraments. I keep all of you in my daily prayers as you continue your child’s formation in so many ways.

Yours in Christ,

Elizabeth Lyons

How do I know if my child is ready for Reconciliation and Eucharist?

Preparation for the Sacraments becomes a focus for a family when the parents and the child discern they are ready to begin Immediate Preparation. 

Children who have attained the age of reason (7 years or older) who experiences: 

  • Daily family prayer
  • Parents as a model of faith and love
  • Education in living the virtues
  • Attending Sunday Mass each week
  • A prior year of faith formation through the parish or a Catholic School

A child who experiences this type of family formation in the home, will have a burning desire to receive Jesus in the Eucharist. 

Families seeking Sacraments for their child must be enrolled in our Family Faith Guide ministry. Immediate formation at the parish will occur starting in January 2021. Spend the next few months praying about readiness and then contact Elizabeth Lyons at for an interview.

Videos and Reflection Questions

Watch the videos on this page and then spend time reflecting on the associated questions.

  1. Who initiates the desire to pray or to go to confession? God or us?
  2. What are the two types of sin?
  3. What should we do if we find ourselves in mortal sin?
  1. What is the wonderful gift we receive in this part of the Liturgy?
  2. Where is Christ present?
  3. Why do we make the Sign of the Cross on our forehead, lips, and over our heart at the beginning of the Gospel reading?