Kits for the Homeless

Although our cold weather men’s shelter has ended, there are still opportunities to serve our unhoused community. Due to lack of transportation and resources, there is a need for hygiene supplies. Saint Michael Parish is partnering with outreach groups to help assemble these kits so outreach workers can service more people in need. Could you help us in this effort?  If so, here is a list of items for different kits that are needed at this time. There will be a dropbox available in the Gathering Space labeled Community Outreach Kits.  

Supply kits:

Baby Wipes


3 AA Batteries

3 AAA Batteries

5 emergency candles

Pair of hand warmers

2 large bandaids

5 regular bandaids

3 packets of triple antibiotic ointment

Pair of socks

Hygiene Kits:





Liquid soap

Feminine Hygiene Kits: 

A week’s worth of pads or tampons in a ziplock sandwich bag

Please include a homemade note/card of encouragement expressing that you are praying for them, signed with first name only. Completed kits can be placed in the dropbox. We’ll also add a prayer card from SMP.


Kim Kondrat at (360) 878-4613 or

Kim Kondrat
Kim KondratSteward for Community Outreach
Text or call (360) 878-4613 or e-mail!