Do you have a heart to serve the homeless and are interested in being part of this ministry? Whether you wish to serve once a month, fill in, or more, your help and presence will allow us to feed and shelter 12 homeless men from November to the end of March. Our guests are screened daily prior to being picked up and spend the night at SMP in the Gathering Space from Monday to Thursday night. They spend the rest of the weekend nights at Sacred Heart Parish. 

We cannot do this without YOUR help. We are looking for: 

HOST I & II –Overnight volunteers 

LEAD HOST – Setting up the meals and being present the first part of the night 

DINNER COOKS – To cook and prep the meal for our guests (12 men plus two hosts). LAUNDRY ANGELS – To pick up and drop off laundry such as bed sheets, pillow cases, and blankets (teams of 2). 


As the cold weather is upon us, our community needs our help as well. Saint Michael Parish provides dinners six times per month for the homeless at the Interfaith Works Shelter. We could use more volunteers to drop off a meal for the shelter once a month (or more if you’d like). 

If you are interested in being part of this ministry please email Kim Kondrat at with your availability to be added to the schedule or call (360) 292-7106.