Ministries that make the liturgy possible. Ministries that teach.
Ministries that help us be Church.

Parish Support

Parish Support

Parish Support

Liturgical Ministries

Greeters, lectors, ushers, altar servers, music—we can’t do it without you.

Faith Formation

The critical role of passing the faith on the next generation and beyond.

Administrative Support

The 1,001 things that keep the Church running.

Liturgical Ministries

…participation in the liturgy is the right and duty of all the baptized.” (Second Vatican Council)

Through our Baptism, we receive a share in the priesthood of Christ and participate in public worship which is the liturgy of the Church. Our liturgical ministers place themselves at the service of the liturgical assembly and contribute to the worship of the community. As the Second Vatican Council makes clear, liturgical participation is the responsibility of all the baptized. While not all are called to active liturgical service, we all contribute through our active participation, in prayer and in song, in the celebration of the liturgy.

Please note that many of our Liturgical Ministries require that volunteers be Partners in the Mission. This means that you attend Mass weekly and frequent the sacraments, are committed to spiritual growth, contribute financially to the mission and ministries of the parish, and have a sacrificial giving pledge card on file.

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Click on each listed ministry to see a description and contact information.

Altar Servers serve at the Lord’s table for Sundays, Holy Days, funerals, wedding liturgies, and Masses with Saint Michael Parish School. This is a great way to be involved and to learn more about the Mass. Open to adults who are active parishioners and to youth in at least the fourth grade who have received First Communion. Training is provided and dress code is required.
Contact: Tom Targus at (360) 480-2476

Extraordinary Ministers assist, with reverence and dignity, in the distribution of the Eucharist at Mass. This ministry is available to active, confirmed parishioners who are Partners in the Mission. Training session required.
Contact: Holly Dodd at (360) 292-7111 or

Just like the community, hospitality members are friendly, caring, and welcoming. They greet and welcome everyone who walks through our doors. They help usher for Communion and help parishioners find seats. They respond to emergencies, open windows, close doors, assist in taking up the Sunday offering, and hand out bulletins after Mass. Commitment is approximately 90 minutes per Sunday scheduled. A great opportunity for families and those trying ministry for the first time. Training is provided.
Contact: Kimmy Jones at (360) 292-7129 or

Lectors proclaim God’s living word on Sundays and at special liturgies,
approximately once a month or at daily Mass once a week. Lectors also lead the Prayers of the Faithful when a deacon is not present. This
ministry is available to active, confirmed parishioners who are Partners in the Mission. Tryouts and training are required.
Contact: Holly Dodd at (360) 292-7111 or

Sacristans ensure all preparations for Mass are complete and that albs, linens, candlesticks, etc. are clean and ready. A Sacristan has a love of the liturgy, an eye for detail, and good people skills. About two hours are needed for preparation before and cleanup after Mass. Volunteers must be Partners in the Mission and have previously served as Extraordinary Minister of Holy Communion. There is also an interview process.
Contact: Holly Dodd at (360) 292-7111 or

“In the beginning God created…” (Genesis 1:1)
Saint Michael Parish has a long tradition of excellent leadership and participation in the music at liturgies. As a ministry, we—together with the congregation—mirror the very beauty of God’s creation through music.
The music ministry is a collective of very ordinary people contributing their extraordinary God-given gifts to serve the Church. What are your gifts, and how will you get involved this year?
Below is an overview of our offerings and prayer opportunities, as well as current ways to get involved. Contact for all Music Ministry opportunities is Melissa Fletcher, Steward for Music at (360) 292-7140 or
Choirs sing at all Masses (Saturday 5pm, Sunday 7:30am, 11:30am). Bands play (Sunday 9:30am and 5pm) with a blend of contemporary and praise music. Want to get involved?
Saint Michael Parish hosts two youth choirs around Christmas time, geared at developing prayer, musicality, and deepening knowledge of the Church’s musical traditions. Anticipated start date for choir is the first week of November.

To plan music for a funeral or wedding, please contact Melissa.

Throughout the year, the Music Ministry hosts many opportunities to pray through music outside of Sunday liturgies. These take the form of Praise & Worship nights (First Friday of every month at 7:30pm), Vespers prayer groups (Wednesdays at 6pm), and a chant prayer interest group.

Be part of a hospitality team that provides coffee, donuts, and snacks for parishioners as they enjoy fellowship with one another after Sunday Masses.

Contact: Kimmy Jones at (360) 292-7129 or

This ministry provides an opportunity to personally witness the Sacrament of Marriage and is ideal for couples who want to share time together while helping others. Coordinators assist engaged couples to plan their liturgy,
direct the rehearsal, and are present on the wedding day. Training is provided and weddings are assigned as your schedule permits.
Contact: Mona Bishop at (360) 292-7141 or

This hard-working group supports the liturgy and welcomes anyone with “arts & crafts” skills to help us decorate and create the atmosphere for fulfilling worship. Members help plan and implement the enhancement of our liturgical and worship spaces. Time commitment varies by project.
Contact: Joel Williams at (360) 753-4404 or

This ministry provides compassionate support to those who have recently lost a family member. Once the family has met with a priest, the coordinator contacts the family and responds to the specific needs for the liturgy. A team approach is taken and training provided. The team consists of a coordinator, sacristan, and several assistants.
Contact: Holly Dodd at (360) 292-7111 or

The funeral liturgy assistant is directed by the coordinator in completing many small tasks in preparation for the funeral liturgy. They may also serve in one of the liturgical ministerial roles ( i.e. lector, thurifer, altar server, or extraordinary minister of holy communion).
Contact: Holly Dodd at (360) 292-7111 or

This ministry provides one-on-one prayer for parishioners in need in the Pier Giorgio Room after Sunday Masses. Commitment is about 15 minutes on the scheduled Sunday.

Contact: Kimmy Jones at (360) 292-7129 or

Faith Formation Ministries

The Church’s catechetical mission aims to help the faithful of all ages to grow in both human and Christian maturity, enriching the whole of life with the leaven of the Gospel.” (USCCB)

Catechesis involves handing on the Word of God and informing the faith of the community. Different programs address the needs of different groups and different ages. We have a host of Faith Formation ministries that work to instruct and form our faith community. To be a catechist at any level is to bless others with the gifts of a well formed faith.

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This primarily involves greeting families and guiding them in the Sacrament of Baptism during a Sunday Mass on dates mutually agreed upon. We ask that facilitators serve at least 6 baptism per year. Extensive training on the Sacrament of Baptism is provided. If you have a love for hospitality, the Sacraments, and the ability to give directions, please consider this ministry.

Contact: Hannah Hach at (360) 292-7114 or

Scripture study includes daily personal Bible reading and study, small group faith sharing, video and lecture presentations, and prayer. Objectives include a deeper personal relationship with God, richer appreciation of the Catholic faith tradition, and a fuller experience of Christian community. Facilitators guide the discussion, establish an open and accepting climate, lead group prayer, and support and encourage participants. Training is provided. Volunteers should be faithful to the time commitment, be willing to lead prayer and discussion, and have a welcoming spirit.
Contact: Michaela Moreau at (360) 292-7104 or

The Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults welcomes those considering becoming Roman Catholic and prepares them for the Sacraments and full reception into the Church. Our sponsors are compassionate, good listeners, and love to share their faith with others. A sponsor doesn’t need to be a saint or theologian – just a faithful and participating member of our community who lives out and models the faith. Your own faith will be deepened and enriched by sponsoring another. Those with experience as an RCIA sponsor who want to become team members who instruct and/or dismissal catechists are welcome to apply for an interview.
Contact: Marriann Tefft at (360) 292-7127 or

Small Groups form the backbone of our Adult Faith Formation. Facilitating a small group is a great leadership opportunity that draws others into deeper relationships with Christ and His Church. Many groups continue year-round. Facilitators should be committed to the meeting time of their group, be willing to open their homes to participants and to lead them in prayer and reflection. Structured programs with video presentations and Lectio Divina (traditional Benedictine scriptural reading), start 2-3 times per year, and groups are encouraged to continue to meet on their own once the structured programs end. Training and materials provided.
Contact: Michaela Moreau at (360) 292-7104 or

Core Team members help the Steward for Small Groups with the planning and preparation of materials and events that support and engage the small group members and facilitators.

Contact: Michaela Moreau at (360) 292-7104 or

Click on each listed ministry to see a description and contact information.

Children’s Liturgy of the Word (CLOW) is a proclamation of the Word of God adapted for children. It is celebrated at the 9:30 AM Mass downtown. In January, we will begin to celebrate CLOW at the 5 PM Lifeteen Mass. Prayer Leaders and Assistants offer the opportunity for children to share how scripture speaks to them and how they experience Jesus each day. They lead children Kindergarten through 3rd grade in celebration in a separate classroom. Assistants accompany children during transitions and help them to participate. Weekly resources and training are provided. A background check and Safe Environment Training are required.

Contact: Hannah Hach at (360) 292-7114 or

In CGS, children explore their relationship with God through prayer, scripture, liturgy, and the liturgical year in a prepared environment called The Atrium. The Atrium and all the beautiful hands-on materials are based on a Montessori approach to faith formation. Sessions are offered for Level 1 (age 3-6), Level 2 (age 7-9), and Level 3 (age 10-12). Volunteer openings are for catechists, assistants, material makers, and setup crew. Training is provided. Background check and Safe Environment training are required.
Contact: Elizabeth Lyons at (360) 292-7119 or

People with special needs have gifts to share with the larger Church community. Be part of that joyful team that accompanies children and adults with special needs as they grow in their faith and sense of giftedness as a valuable member of God’s family. Experience gained either at home or in a professional environment is a valuable asset, but not necessary. Background check and Safe Environment training required.

Teen Mentors are trained to walk with children with special needs in the classroom environment or one-on-one. Teens in 8th grade and up are invited to consider this ministry.

Contact: Elizabeth Lyons 360-292-7119 or

Each year, a themed Vacation Bible School is held for children age who have completed kindergarten through those entering 6th grade the following fall. VBS is typically held at the end of June. Advance preparation includes registration, planning, decorating, and station preparation. Volunteers during the week of VBS are involved as small group guides or activity leaders from 9:00 AM to 12:30 PM for 1-5 days during the week. Individuals who love children and who are gifted in prayer, music, cooking, crafts, and recreation are encouraged to serve. Youth who have completed 8th grade through adults are invited to help. Orientation is provided. Background check and Safe Environment training are required.

Contact: Hannah Hach at (360) 292-7114 or

This is a great ministry that journeys with our youth and prepares them to receive the Sacrament of Confirmation. They have the opportunity to facilitate small groups; attend, support, and plan a Confirmation retreat; and assist with service projects. The ministry requires a one year commitment, 5-10 hours per month. Training is provided and a background check and Safe Environment training are required. The second year of Confirmation preparation is done through our Confirmation Ministry. Students will engage in monthly sessions, EDGE and retreats to fully prepare for the sacrament.
Contact: Lauren Neal at (360) 754-4667 or

Core Team is a relational ministry opportunity for adults over 18 years old who are passionate about their faith and feel called to lead high school teens closer to Christ. Responsibilities include participation in Life Teen youth ministry program Sunday afternoons and then ending with Life Teen Mass. We have bi-weekly planning meetings, two retreats, various outside activities, and interaction with teens on their “turf”. Members are blessed with the opportunities to be part of an amazing faith community, grow in relationship with God, and deepen their understanding of the faith. It requires a one-year commitment, 6 or more hours per week. Adult Core members will need to have a background check and Safe Environment training, which are required by the Archdiocese.

Teen Leads are called Disciples of L.I.G.H.T., which means Living In God’s Holy Truth. They are mentored by our adult Core members and given the opportunity to help lead small group discussions, coordinate and plan events or gatherings. They help set up and break down Life Teen meetings. Teen Leads are expected to do 4-5 service projects a year as a group. Teen Leads are involved with our Sunday experience by volunteering as hospitality hosts, ushers, and lectors. There are two mini retreats and one “Life Teen Leadership Conference” that Teen Leads will attend. We also fellowship outside of church by going to various activities such as bowling, movies, dinner, or any other activity the group feels they would like to experience. Being a Teen Lead requires a one-year commitment, 2-3 hours per week. Training is provided.

Contact: Brandon Jones at (360) 292-7108 or

EDGE Core Team Members are an integral part of the ministry. These adults and teen leads bring the middle school youth closer to Christ by giving witness talks, leading small groups, participating in skits and helping on retreat. EDGE ministry is built on the four pillars of scripture, prayer, service and fellowship. Training is provided and Safe Environment training is required.

This ministry may be for you if: 

Adult: You are an adult over 18 years of age, who is out of high school and has a desire to share your Catholic faith. 

Teen Leads: You are a high school student who wants to lead and mentor youth, helping to form disciples of Christ. 

Contact: Brandon Jones (360) 292 – 7108 or

Specific to the Vietnamese community, TNTT aims to teach youth age 7-17 to be virtuous people and good Christians. The objectives are to promote prayers for the Holy Father, devotion to the Eucharist, to honor Mary as a model for discipleship, and to support the missionary efforts of the Church through prayer, sacraments, service and sacrifice. Parents and other adults assist Youth Leaders as assistants and supporters to set up facilities, prepare snacks, sing songs, provide transportation for special events, and general chaperoning. Open to adults ages 25 and up. Youth leaders learn, share, teach, and guide other youth on living a “Eucharistic Day”, playing games, camping, skits, assisting in retreats, and prayer. Commitment is 3-4 hours per week. Training is provided for both adult and youth volunteers, and a background check and Safe Environment training are required.
Contact: Thuy Nguyen at (360) 280-5406 or

Administrative and other Support Ministries

There are scores of ways to help support the parish with administrative and other tasks. We have a fairly large staff, but without the support of our parishioners, many of these tasks would overwhelm our admin or facility folks or take many more hours than necessary. Many hands make light work and keep things running smoothly and efficiently!

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Click on each listed ministry to see a description and contact information.

A great opportunity for a group of friends or a family to help maintain our critical first impression – the grounds at the Downtown and Westside sites. Enthusiastic participation is crucial to preserving these large landscaped areas. Flower bed spaces are assigned for individuals or groups to inspect and maintain on a weekly basis from early April through October. Thirty minutes per week should be enough for most areas. Periodic group work parties provide an opportunity to share fellowship while completing large or extra projects. Tend God’s beautiful creation as it flourishes for all to enjoy and appreciate!
Contact: David Cross at (360) 292-7107 or

Our sense of community depends on our ability to communicate. You can foster communications by contributing your writing skills for various publications within the parish such as newsletters, grant applications, brochures, etc. Time commitment varies by project.
Contact: Rex Yabut at (360) 292-7115 or

We are blessed to have a large Parish family. One way to celebrate and build community is through special events. If you enjoy working with a team, planning, or have organizing skills, you can be part of several annual events, which are assigned as your schedule permits.
Contact: Rex Yabut at (360) 292-7115 or

There are always so many things to do to help our Parish run smoothly and keep our community involved and informed. We’d love to have you come in and answer the telephone, greet visitors, stuff envelopes, make calls for ministries, do data entry, etc. Training is provided and there’s always plenty of coffee!
Contact: Mona Bishop at (360) 292-7141 or

Want to spend quiet time in the Downtown church or Westside chapel and help the Parish at the same time? This ministry involves straightening pews and placement of materials in preparation for Sunday Masses and special liturgies. The time commitment is approximately two hours on a Friday or Saturday once a month. There is also the option of helping out after the regular Sunday Mass that you attend. This is a great ministry for families with school-age children. Commitment is open ended and training provided.
Contact: Chris Peterson at (360) 292-7116 or

Photos and videos are a great way we celebrate all the great activities at Saint Michael Parish. We use them for publications like newsletters or the annual report, on our website and on social media, and in other ways as well. If you like taking pictures or videos, and have experience and skill with digital photography, or editing, this ministry is for you! Time commitment is flexible and depends on your availability.
Contact: Rex Yabut at (360) 292-7115 or

Telephone Ministry members call from their homes or from the Parish to greet newcomers and inform parishioners about upcoming events. The time commitment can vary as you are available – usually only two or three calls per month. Training and ongoing support are provided. This is a wonderful ministry for those who may be physically unable to serve in other ways.
Contact: Mona Bishop at (360) 292-7141 or

Several hundred new parishioners come to us every year, and we want to welcome every one of them! You can be a part of this team in several ways: Develop the overall welcoming strategy, facilitate or serve refreshments at our monthly Newcomers Orientations, staff the Welcoming Counter in the Gathering Space before and/or after Mass, or join with other hospitality ministers and greet guests at the door. Families with children are most welcome to serve! Commitment varies, but ministry members should serve in some capacity before and after Mass once per month. Training is provided.
Contact: Mike and Sharon Rushing at (360) 491-5509 or

Our Meals Ministry gives the opportunity to assist a family in need—with a new baby, illness, or even during a time of grief and loss. There is a definite need for volunteers to serve fellow parishioners and their families as they navigate their current season of life. If you are willing to support our parish community through the gift of a meal, please email Kimmy Jones at You will be sent a meal schedule as needs arise and can choose the date(s) that work best for you.

If you’d like to support the running of the parish, just send us your info and one of our ministry leaders will contact you and help you decide your area of involvement.