Project Description

Bible Study

“Ignorance of Scripture is ignorance of Christ” St. Jerome
We offer a variety of Bible Study programs throughout the year. Many of them begin in September and January. From The Bible Timeline, which is the study of salvation history to studies on individual books of the bible, you’re sure to find a wealth of opportunities to help you grow in your faith.
For more information, contact Ann Ashe, Steward for Faith Formation at (360) 292-7112 or

Summer 2019

What is the Bible, where does it come from, and what is its purpose? How are Catholics supposed to read the Bible and what story does it tell?

These are the ever-important questions answered in the study of Genesis to Jesus. Join us to learn the basic Catholic principles for reading Scripture and to survey the broad outlines of the books of the Bible and their place in the story of salvation.

Thursdays, May 23 – August 15 | 6 – 7:30pm in Parish Center Room 8 

Facilitators: Terry Oberhausen / Jeannie Wittman