Community Outreach Ministries

Then the king will say to those on his right, ‘Come, you who are blessed by my Father. Inherit the kingdom prepared for you from the foundation of the world. For I was hungry and you gave me food, I was thirsty and you gave me drink, a stranger and you welcomed me, naked and you clothed me, ill and you cared for me, in prison and you visited me.’ (Matthew, 25:34-36)

The Church is a community of human beings who, while still subject to sin, strive to live out the Gospel call to love our neighbors as ourselves. Our St. Michael Parish faith community works to promote justice and charity through numerous ministries and programs.

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Pastoral Care Ministry reaches out to Catholics who are temporarily or permanently homebound and wish to receive Holy Communion. Over one hundred parishioners are trained and commissioned as Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion.
Contact: Benedetta Reece at (360) 292-7143 or

This ministry reaches out to homebound people living in Thurston County who are in need of temporary assistance (transportation, meal preparation, shopping and errands, friendly visits, and more), regardless of their faith and income.
Contact: Benedetta Reece at (360) 292-7143 or

Enlightened by our faith, participants encourage one another by praying, listening and sharing stories while learning how to find joy in the midst of adversity, the role of faith and hope in healing, the importance of forgiveness and healing emotional wounds.
Contact: Benedetta Reece at (360) 292-7143 or

  • St. Elizabeth Ann SetonGrief Support Ministry: This ministry provides faith based support and reaches out to those in our community who are struggling with the loss of a loved one, illness in the family and other life issues. One-to-one and group support are offered free of charge.
  • St. Peregrine – Cancer Support Group:  St. Michael Parish offers free cycles of meetings for cancer patients, survivors, family members, friends or a caregivers for someone with cancer.
  • St. Catherine of Siena Miscarriage and Loss of Infant Support Group for those who have suffered the loss of a baby through miscarriage, still birth or neonatal death.

Prison and jail volunteers regularly visit inmates at different detention facilities to share their faith and message of God’s love and forgiveness.  Working in teams, volunteers share their faith with prisoners by leading or assisting with Bible study, prayer, faith-based support and Communion Service, offered regularly to incarcerated men and women.  St. Michael Parish also support the families of inmates by running  a socks and cookies drive before Christmas.
Contact: Benedetta Reece at (360) 292-7143 or

Saint Michael Parish houses up to 12 homeless men from November through March every year.  The shelter operates Monday through Thursday.  Sacred Heart Parish in Lacey provides shelter on the other nights during the same period.  Guests are screened before being admitted to the shelter.  They are served a hot meal every evening. Services provided:

  • Laundry Angels:  Parishioners who support the men’s shelter housed at the parish by laundering the linens during shelter season from November through March.
  • Shelter’s Chefs:  Parishioners taking turns providing and serving a meal each night of the shelter season.
  • Shelter’s Hosts: Parishioners taking turns spending the night with the homeless men at St Michael 

Contact: Brandon Jones at (360) 292-7108 or

Parish health ministry presents health related educational programs and CPR trainings, sponsors exercise groups, provides blood pressure screenings, pays visits to the homebound and more.
Contact: Benedetta Reece at (360) 292-7143 or

Creates shawls while praying, the group prays over the shawls individually, then they are blessed by one of our priests. They are given to those in need of comfort or in celebration of a life milestone.
Contact: Benedetta Reece at (360) 292-7143 or , or Mary Orzam at (707) 599-5820

Saint Michael Parish hosts the annual Catholic Advocacy Day where Catholics from all over the state come together for a day to pray and learn about issues impacting the poor.  There is Mass and information about current legislation in the WA State Legislature and CAD’s position that the WA State Catholic Conference takes to the Legislature. The afternoon involves meeting with state legislators at the State Capitol to advocate on the issues.
Contact: Benedetta Reece at (360) 292-7143 or and Brandon Jones at (360) 292-7108 or

This is a program of Catholic Community Services and is housed at the Salvation Army where several churches, including Saint Michael Parish, and organizations provide meals and support. Several parishioners are teamed up to prepare and provide meals. An average of 110 to 200 meals are served daily.
Contact: Brandon Jones at (360) 292-7108 or

This nonprofit is a grassroots organization dedicated to responding to the mandate of Jesus to preach the Gospel to all nations by taking our Catholic Faith to the streets. We do this in a non-confrontational way, allowing the Holy Spirit to move in the hearts of those who witness our public Catholic presence. Our chapter takes the faith to the streets of Olympia. It’s much easier than you think and more rewarding than you could hope. Call Mario and see how we’re spreading the Good News in Thurston County.
Contact: Mario Villanueva at (360) 292-7104 or and Brandon Jones at (360) 292-7108 or

We collect food donations for the Thurston County Food Bank and the YMCA “Other Bank” on the first Sunday of each month. Parishioners drop off their donations before Masses at both parish sites. On the following Monday, volunteers meet, sort, and box the food and other supplies. Donations of hygiene items are also gathered for the Other Bank/YWCA.  Volunteers process the donations on the following Monday morning.
Contact: Pat Daly (Downtown) at (253) 229-0357 or  and Robin Groefsema (Westside) at (360) 628-8495 or

  • Mexico/Journey of the Heart – This ministry was started in 2003 and provides opportunities for parishioners to do short term immersion mission trips to the Holy Spirit Community Center in Juarez, Mexico, where we serve and live in solidarity with the people that live over the former garbage dump of Juarez.   Over the years over 600 parishioners have participated. About 2000 additional support people from the parish have supported the mission, for a total of 2600 involved parishioners & 45 trips.
    Contact: Brandon Jones at (360) 292-7108 or
  • Haiti – SMP’s first Haiti Mission trip was June 26-July 4th, 2016: Eight adults and nine teens  lived in community with full-time missionaries and went out to homes and villages each day visiting families, leading bibles studies, participating in men’s & women’s groups, delivering food & water to homes, praying for the sick, sharing our faith and testimonies. They also worked on projects like cleaning up a Stations of the Cross path and a rosary path, plus picked up a lot of garbage and built a compost garden.
    Contact: Abre Peters at (360) 292-7106 or

Youth in grades 6-8 work in food and clothing banks and other outreach projects that serve our migrant sisters and brothers of the Skagit Valley during this week-long summer “mission at home”.
Contact: Anna Swanson at  (360) 292-7137 or

These are programs offered by JustFaith to educate the minds and hearts of participants with the intent that they are moved to go out and become involved in justice issues and programs.  These programs involve 21-24 weekly classes of prayer, reading, and discussions that explore Catholic faith and Catholic Social Teaching. Contact: Brandon Jones at (360) 292-7108 or

Those who have completed the Just Faith Program can join BJF. Its mission is to integrate social justice issues into the life of the parish. Participants are committed to the work of social ministries, to ongoing formation, to action for and with those who are poor, to prayer, and to the creation of small communities of faith. It organizes the Bread for the World letter writing campaign two times each year, and encourages faithful citizenship by sponsoring educational opportunities as well as supporting Catholic Advocacy Day.
Contact: Brandon Jones at (360) 292-7108 or

The Sanctity of Life Committee works to promote respect for life from conception to natural death.
Contact: Brandon Jones at (360) 292-7108 or

Impact is the service outreach ministry of Life Teen, based on Matthew 5:16, which states, “Just so, your light must shine before others, that they may see your good deeds and glorify your heavenly Father.” It is open to youth in the LifeTeen and EDGE programs, who help to be the mouth, arms, and feet of Christ as they work at community assistance activities from visiting the elderly to cleaning up a neighbor’s yard.
Contact: Abre Peters at (360) 292-7106 or

Saint Michael Parish teams up with other groups in town to collect, organize and distribute clothing and school supply donation for kids of low income families.

Saint Michael Parish has partnered with the Little Red School House to provide children in need with back to school supplies.  Each summer SMP hosts a supply drive where we collect monetary donations, school supplies and back packs.  This year we will also be collecting new and gently used children coats, new socks, and underwear for children.
Contact: Brandon Jones at (360) 292-7108 or

Together with Catholic Community Services, Drexel House and St. Mike’s Tikes,  volunteering SMP parishioners provide Christmas gifts to children of low income families.
Contact: Brandon Jones at (360) 292-7108 or

In collaboration with Interfaith Works, Saint Michael Parish volunteers provide meals at the shelter, which is currently hosted throughout the year. Teams of volunteers take turns to prepare and deliver meals on designated days, feeding an average of 37 men and women.  Families are welcome and encouraged to participate in hosting and preparing meals.
Contact Paul McCarthy at (360) 357-7672 or

Archdiocesan Initiative/Program of Catholic Community Services (CCS) which promotes more involvement in the legislative process through active communication with elected officials.
Contact: Brandon Jones at (360) 292-7108 or

We get together for prayer, readings and videos followed by discussion. The group is open to members of any denomination and is free.
Contact: Benedetta Reece at (360) 292-7143 or

The commission provides support and guidance to the Pastor and Stewards of Social Ministry. They meet monthly to get updates, provide opportunities, invite parish members to become more involved in the Catholic social mission, and make recommendations on funding support to outside organizations. Contact: Benedetta Reece at (360) 292-7143 or

St. Vincent’s office is located on the SMP campus and provides limited financial assistance to those in need, providing financial help for rent, utility bills for those facing eviction or  utilityshut-off, and for prescriptions.

  • Clothing Bank: The clothing bank collects donations of clothing, sorts and organizes the items, and operates the bank, which is open two days per week. Clothing is given away at no cost and is open to anyone in need.
    Contact: Ed Knuckey at (360) 943-4567, or
  • Pregnancy Aid:  This ministry provides support for women and their families experiencing challenges related to pregnancy. Limited counseling, help with finding resources as well as maternity and baby supplies are available through Pregnancy Aid, free of charge.
    Contact: Roseanne Hoza at (360) 357-8579 or
  • Home Visits: Trained volunteers visit the homes of those who ask for assistance. These visits help determine the exact nature and detail of help required. Home visits are effective because they give a true and more accurate assessment of the needs of the individuals and the family.
    Contact: Roger Theine at (360) 352-7554 or
  • Emergency assistance office: Volunteers set up home visits providing limited financial rental assistance to those who have eviction notices and utility assistance to those who face disconnection of service. Financial assistance may also be provided as needed for medical prescriptions, propane, laundry services, showers, bus day passes, etc.  Home visits are especially encouraged for rent and utility financial needs. The emergency assistance office is located on the Saint Michael Parish campus and is open Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 1-3 pm. The office phone number is (360) 352-7554 . Requests for home visits can be made at any time by calling (360) 972-0661 and leaving a message. Calls are returned to arrange home visits as soon as possible.
    Contact: Roger Theine, 360-357-6246,

Fundraising walk which supports St. Vincent De Paul and organizations involved in hunger issues world-wide. Locally CROP Walk is a project of Interfaith Works and is coordinated and sponsored by the St. Vincent dePaul Society. Contact: Roger Theine at (360) 352-7554 or

The Olympia Council works closely with Sacred Heart Parish, Saint Michael Parish and St. George Byzantine Catholic Church. The chapter is active in all parishes serving the greater Olympia area provides funds and services for those in need.
Contact: Mike Colosi at

This ministry is still in development and aims to address the various emotional, spiritual and pastoral needs of those men and women who have defended our country in all branches of military service, providing support to them and to their families during deployment and following their veteran’s return from war, whether recently or in the past.

Some of the goals of the ministry are:

  • Increase awareness of the need for outreach to military and veteran families
  • Share Christian hope with those on the margins or disconnected from their faith communities
  • Develop referral capabilities to other military, Guard and Reserve, veteran, community and faith – based communities
  • Partner with local agencies and develop outreach ministries Sponsor Retreats and Recollection Days for Military individuals and families

Contact: Benedetta Reece at (360) 292-7143 or


  • We work with Catholic Community Services and Volunteer Services
  • We lead projects with St. Michael Parish School families
  • We are involved in projects with Drexel House
  • GRANTS: During the 2016/17 Pastoral Year, we distributed over $39,000 in grants to non profit organizations reaching out to those in need
  • Since 2010, we have been supporting the Catholic community of Nakhodka (population of 158,600), in Russia. Seventy registered parishioners of Our Lady of the Pacific (est. Nov. 15, 1994) have been meeting in an apartment for 12 years. The building of a church is now in process and will be the first ever Catholic Church in Nakhodka (city established as a communist port in 1917). Construction began for a church in Spring, 2016. The goal of Our Lady of the Pacific is to financially and spiritually support Catholics living in a formerly communist community and overcoming an established atheistic culture.
    Contact: Benedetta Reece at (360) 292-7143 or


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