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…participation in the liturgy is the right and duty of all the baptized.” (Second Vatican Council)

Through our Baptism, we receive a share in the priesthood of Christ and participate in public worship which is the liturgy of the Church. Our liturgical ministers place themselves at the service of the liturgical assembly and contribute to the worship of the community. As the Second Vatican Council makes clear, liturgical participation is the responsibility of all the baptized. While not all are called to active liturgical service, we all contribute through our active participation, in prayer and in song, in the celebration of the liturgy.

Liturgical Ministries

Please note that many of our Liturgical Ministries require that volunteers be Partners in the Mission. This means that you attend Mass weekly and frequent the sacraments, are committed to spiritual growth, contribute financially to the mission and ministries of the parish, and have a sacrificial giving pledge card on file.

Altar Servers
Altar Servers serve at the Lord’s table for Sundays, Holy Days, funerals, wedding liturgies, and Masses with Saint Michael Parish School. This is a great way to be involved and to learn more about the Mass. Open to adults who are active parishioners and to youth in at least the fourth grade who have received First Communion. Training is provided and dress code is required.
Contact: Tom Targus at (360) 480-2476

Extraordinary Minister of Holy Communion
Extraordinary Ministers assist, with reverence and dignity, in the distribution of the Eucharist at Mass. This ministry is available to active, confirmed parishioners who are Partners in the Mission. Training session required.
Contact: Michelle Clinton at (360) 292-7111 or

Just like the community, hospitality members are friendly, caring, and
welcoming. They greet and welcome everyone who walks through our doors. They help usher for Communion and help parishioners find seats. They respond to emergencies, open windows, close doors, assist in taking up the Sunday offering, and hand out bulletins after Mass. Commitment is approximately 90 minutes per Sunday scheduled. A great opportunity for families and those trying ministry for the first time. Training is provided.
Contact: Michelle Clinton at (360) 292-7111 or

Lectors proclaim God’s living word on Sundays and at special liturgies,
approximately once a month or at daily Mass once a week. Lectors also lead the Prayers of the Faithful when a deacon is not present. This
ministry is available to active, confirmed parishioners who are Partners in the Mission. Tryouts and training are required.
Contact: Michelle Clinton at (360) 292-7111 or

Sacristans ensure all preparations for Mass are complete and that albs, linens, candlesticks, etc. are clean and ready. A Sacristan has a love of the liturgy, an eye for detail, and good people skills. About two hours are needed for preparation before and cleanup after Mass. Volunteers must be Partners in the Mission and have previously served as Extraordinary Minister of Holy Communion. There is also an interview process.
Contact: Michelle Clinton at (360) 292-7111 or

Music Ministry
Saint Michael Parish has a long tradition of excellent leadership and participation in the music at liturgies. There is always a need for cantors, instrumentalists, and choir members. During our time of renovation through October 2018, choirs sing at all masses as the Westside Church (Saturday 5pm, Sunday 7am, 9am, 11am), and bands play at the Downtown Gym mass at 10am and 5pm on Sundays. No audition is required for choirs; simply come to rehearsal and meet with the Steward for Music. After a trial period, we’ll informally evaluate together if it feels like a good ministry fit for you! Rehearsal schedules are available on the SMP website calendar, or contact: Andrew Goldstein, Steward for Music at (360) 292-7140 or

SMP Children’s Choirs – Saint Michael’s Children’s choir relaunches in Fall 2018 with two new ensembles:

Ages 3-7

Focus is on learning the melodies of hymns, and singing together in a choir. No reading or music experience necessary; just come and have fun! This group will sing at the Fall Dedication Mass and the Christmas Eve mass. Rehearsals are 4:30pm – 5:30pm on Sept 19 (Westside), Oct 17 (Westside), Nov 14 (Downtown), and Dec 19 (Downtown). Between rehearsals, parents will be provided videos that they can use to practice at home with their singers.

Ages 8-18

Focus is on learning to sing in Latin, developing choral harmony, and preparing music for Feast Days. No audition is necessary! Rehearsals are 6:00pm – 7:00pm on Sept 19 (Westside), Sept 26 (Westside), Oct 10 (Westside), Oct 17 (Westside), Nov 7 (Westside), Nov 14 (Downtown), Dec 12 (Downtown) and Dec 19 (Downtown).

To register, contact Andrew Goldstein, Steward for Music Ministry:  or (360) 292-7140.

Wedding Ministry Coordinator
This ministry provides an opportunity to personally witness the Sacrament of Marriage and is ideal for couples who want to share time together while helping others. Coordinators assist engaged couples to plan their liturgy,
direct the rehearsal, and are present on the wedding day. Training is provided and weddings are assigned as your schedule permits.
Contact: Andrew Casad at (360) 292-4127 or

Art & Environment Committee
This hard-working group supports the liturgy and welcomes anyone with “arts & crafts” skills to help us decorate and create the atmosphere for fulfilling worship. Members help plan and implement the enhancement of our liturgical and worship spaces. Time commitment varies by project.
Contact: Joel Williams at (360) 753-4404 or

Funeral Ministry Coordinator

This ministry provides compassionate support to those who have recently lost a family member. Once the family has met with a priest, the coordinator contacts the family and responds to the specific needs for the liturgy. A team approach is taken and training provided. The team consists of a coordinator, sacristan, and several assistants.
Contact: Michelle Clinton (360) 292-7111 or

Funeral Assistant

The funeral liturgy assistant is directed by the coordinator in completing many small tasks in preparation for the funeral liturgy. They may also serve in one of the liturgical ministerial roles ( i.e. lector, thurifer, altar server, or extraordinary minister of holy communion).
Contact: Michelle Clinton (360) 292-7111 or