Small Groups

Advent Small Groups

Prepare your heart for the Lord.
Six-week Advent sessions begin the week of November 8.

Small Groups meet weekly to:

  • Break open the Sunday Scripture with Lectio Divina
  • Gain wisdom and watch a reflection video
  • Share prayer, insights and “God sightings” in a confidential setting
  • Meet other parishioners and share life and faith experiences
  • Deepen your own faith/life connection in a supportive environment

What does your small group look like? You choose! Groups meet both in person and via Zoom. Gather a few friends and take your friendship to a whole new level by starting a new group. Or, join one of the existing small groups hosted on a variety of days, at many times and locations. Look through the available groups, find the best fit for you and fill out the simple registration form.

“I can’t emphasize enough how directly and lovingly everyone in my group cares and prays for me and each member of our group.”

“Meeting with and forming relationships with those in the small group encourages me to dig deep into Scripture and live in a manner that demonstrates this deeper knowledge. The members of my group are really my faith family!”


Michaela Moreau at (360) 292-7104 or

Join a group for Advent!

Dates for Advent 2021 Session:

October 10 & 17 – New facilitator registration weekends

October 20 – Facilitator commitment date

October 23 – Member sign-ups open

TBD – Facilitator training

November 6 – Small Groups Member Retreat

November 8 – Session begins

December 17 – Session ends

Host a Small Group online!

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Facilitate a Group

Register now to facilitate a Small Group! It’s easy.  All training and materials are provided. You simply choose the day, time and location that is convenient for you.  Then invite! Which friends, co-workers, neighbors, pew pals or newcomers would you like in your group?  We can also plug additional parishioners into your group if you’d like.  Any questions? E-mail Michaela Moreau at

Small Groups form the backbone of adult Faith Formation at Saint Michael Parish. Facilitating a small group is a great leadership opportunity that draws others into deeper relationships with Christ and his Church. Facilitators should be willing to open their homes and hearts, leading the group in prayer and reflection. Our facilitators gather several times a year for prayer and reflection with Fr. Jim, as we extend his pastoral care out to more of our faith family.

Facilitating a small group is tremendously rewarding! Here’s what some of our facilitators have said:

There was a lot of relationship building, strong sharing and open hearts.”

Just like a teacher gets more out of the class than the students, as a facilitator I gained so much from the members.”

We look forward to continuing and adding new members.”

The small faith sharing group allowed me to meet new people from our parish that I had seen at church but never formally met. What wonderful folks to get to know and study with each week! I learned so much about scripture and appreciate the sharing of everyone involved. I really liked the DVD provided as Fr. Jim always summed up the readings for us. Lastly, meeting weekly helped me to be prepared for Sunday mass. What a delightful study! Thank you.” – Nancy

We had a great time! Only five, but we bonded well. All materials easy to use and well prepared. DVD was well done and appropriate. Would be willing to do again!” – Bill

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What are Small Groups?

Small Groups meet in homes, at the parish or other locations with 8 – 12 parishioners in a more intimate environment to pray and share together, making a large parish feel more like a family. Choose a group from those listed here, or form a group of your own with friends.  We supply the materials, training, and format.  

Small Groups meet to:

  • Deepen your understanding of Sunday Scripture
  • Gain wisdom and hear a reflection from Fr. Jim and members of the parish staff
  • Share prayer petitions, insights and “God sightings” in a confidential setting
  • Meet other parishioners and share life and faith experiences
  • Deepen your own faith/life connection in a supportive environment