Eagle Scout project

Veteran headstones

Thanks to each and every volunteer who has dedicated their time to helping maintain Calvary Catholic cemetery, especially Brenden Perez and fellow scouts of Troop #222 for their efforts to clean and maintain each veteran’s headstone. Brenden is a dedicated scout who is doing this for his Eagle Scout project. This process includes cleaning and edging the headstones and putting up American flags for the appreciation of each veteran and their family. 

Here is what he had to say, “My name is Brenden Perez. I’m currently working on an Eagle Scout project at Cavalry Catholic cemetery cleaning up 200 veterans’ headstones. So far I have around 119 finished! I want to help these veterans, these families, and the communities around them all through this project.  If you know of anyone who could possibly help by coming out to volunteer it would be greatly appreciated!”

Scouts who participated: Brenden T. Perez (Project leader), Nathan Esteban J. Alonzo, John R. Barajas III, Calvin Gerken, Anthony L. Merkel, Johnathan B. Scott, Hunter Downing and Nathan J. Tulloch