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All parishioners, neighboring parishes, and ministry organizations are welcome to submit items for the Saint Michael Parish bulletin.


  • Submission does not guarantee that your announcement will be in the bulletin. We cannot guarantee space and/or date availability.
  • Submissions are normally due by close of business Wednesdays, 10 days in advance of publication date.
  • Submit bulletin announcements to bulletin@saintmichaelparish.org

Submission Format

  • We will rarely be able to place a full page announcement, regardless of submission date.
  • We prefer text announcements over flyers/pictures. If you must use a flyer/picture, please submit a PDF at one of the following sizes:
    • Half page horizontal – 7″ x 5″
    • Half page vertical – 4″ x 10″
    • Quarter page vertical – 4″ x 5″.
  • You are most likely to get the space you request with smaller announcements.
  • Please be sure to include:
    • A Title
    • Date
    • Time
    • Location
    • A brief explanation
  • Please do not submit Word documents with graphics embedded. If you have a specific graphic you’d like us to use, please send it as an attachment to the email. There are no guarantees that we can use your graphic, though. Space and design considerations will dictate usage.